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Tank magnetic with a silicone tube.
Connection to spindle or drill chuck



Coolant tank (coolant), on magnets. Volume 500 ml.
Equipped with a plastic flexible tube with a nozzle Ø 1.5 mm.



  Neodymium magnets 4 pcs. (force by 1 pcs Ø15x3.2 x 5 mm - 34,32 N)

  Pipe consist of connected together HDPE plastic pieces. Length- 330mm.

Diameter 1/4 "

 Transparent polyethylene tank (HDPE material) for visual flow control. Volume 500 ml.

  To regulate the flow of coolant, installed ball valve 1/4 "- NPT 1/4"

♦ Nozzle Ø1.5 mm, at the end of the tube, can be located in the immediate vicinity of the cutting tool (drill, milling cutter, cutter, saw blade, burrs, carbide cutting plates). The crane regulates the coolant flow rate. It is also possible to adjust the speed of the duct with a screw cap.

    The goods in stock. The cost today check with the seller. The cost in RUS rubles is 2870.

 Bank Payment - Visa, Master Card.

 Details check with the seller. Delivery from Tallinn.  UPS or EEsti Mail delivery. Shipping cost check with the seller




  The economic effect of using this system is obvious. In addition to preserving the damage and premature wear of the cutting tool, it is above all saving the operator's time, which, when using a manual sprinkler, is distracted from the main workflow.

 It is possible to use when demonstrating equipment in conditions where it is impossible to connect a stationary coolant supply system (Coolant).

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